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    Sell Your Business

    Attention: Business Owner's, CEO's, Managing Directors

    Need to sell a business quickly?  See whether your business meets our Investment Criteria.

    Running a business in today's competitive environment can be fulfilling and rewarding as well as challenging and complex.  With the advent of changing technology and globalisation, businesses can transition from being successful one year to struggling the next.

    Being in a struggling business is not for the feint hearted.  As a leader of the business you can find yourself; looking for cash to pay wages and bills, behind on BAS and ATO payments, suppliers moving your credit terms to COD, trouble with other owners / shareholders, banks putting the business under pressure & key employees and customers moving away from the business.

    Coupled with these business pressures, personal areas tend to deteriorate as well.  The business can place enormous stress on your relationships at home as well as your mental and physical heath.  What once was a successful enterprise is now an insurmountable problem that can be very difficult to exit.

    Director's usually consider a business sale at this time.  However, the chances of successfully selling a business in sub optimal condition like what has been described will be difficult and timely, if not impossible.  The main danger here is that as the focus moves from trading out of trouble to selling your business, the condition of the business deteriorates further in a downward spiral that makes it even more difficult to exit and on a very likely path to insolvency.

    Exit Strategys' purpose is to provide Business Owner's, CEO's & Managing Directors a fast option to sell their business.

    By contacting us and filling in the form on the right hand side of the screen, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your business, obtain some details and we will make an offer to purchase your business within 7 days of our discussion.

    Selling your business like this will mean that:

    • you will maximise your business sale price by exiting quickly and not letting the business deteriorate any further,
    • you will pay no agent's fees or commissions which can be up to 5% of the sale price
    • you will not have to wait for months/years to move onto your next project
    • you can cut your losses immediately and focus on your next and more profitable venture
    • you can take that much needed break, reflect, refocus and then re-engage in life

     "Exit Strategys responded to my enquiry on the same day and I had an offer to sell my business within 4 days and had completed the transaction within 28 days of our 1st contact.  I was able to sell my business fast."

    Ashley Schloss

    Exit Strategys has interests in multiple industries.  We understand your business and how to sell business which is why we are able to consider a diverse range of businesses that we can bring into our portfolio.  Go to our Investment Criteria section to see if your business qualifies.

    To get a free consultation on selling business, simply fill out the form on the right hand side of the page and click "Submit".  We will then follow up with an offer within 7 days of the consultation which you can either accept or reject.  

    Submit your contact details now.

    We will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours and you can take the 1st step to selling your business and moving on with the next stage in your life.